2019 Updated Comps for 6067 Summer St Honolulu HI 96825

Investors or buyers interested in this property will be wondering about its value. Here are some of the comps we will share with you so you can see why this is a great deal that you wouldn't want to miss.

The picture on the right you will see the location of this 6067 Summer St property. The size of the lot is 31930 SF according to record and is fronting a lagoon that is also quite rare in Hawaii.

As of July 2019, this property has the lowest price per square footage compared to the other properties near Paiko Lagoon. Please see below:

From the above listings, you can see currently our listing has the lowest price per square footage and is built more recent in 2006. Not to mention our lot is a level lot.

The Yellow Icon is where the 6067 property is located currently listing for 5.48 million for a lot size of 31930 SF and a living space of 4920 SF. (A Great Value You Don't Want to Miss) A lot size like this and also ocean front would cost way higher than this property's asking price. Consider saving yourself some $$, yet still have a trophy property just about 10 mins driving to Kahala.

Let's discuss about the ones near the Paiko Lagoon first. The 5.9 million black icon is a property that has a lot size of 26830 SF which is smaller than the 6067 Summer St property. It was later sold for 3.9 million because the structures would likely need a complete remodel and upgrades.

The 6.9 million property was listed as 6.88 million and has a lot size of 26000 SF and 4624 SF interior. It is also a 1 story oceanfront property. (It was sold for 5.8 Million) as seen below

This property went into escrow before 6067 Summer St was listed.

The 8 million dollar listing has a lot size about 15434 SF and was built in 1986. It was sold for 7 Million USD.

The fact that the above mentioned listings are already sold and are near our 6067 Summer St, it makes our listing at Summer St even more valuable and appealing.

Oceanfront properties more toward the East side

The 15.8 million property is also for sale. Its lot size is about 36372 SF with larger interior space 8427 SF.

The 13.5 million property has a lot size of 25024 SF and the living space of 8444 SF

The 7.5 million Property lot size: 39007 SF while the living space is about 4216 SF.

As you can see the ocean front properties in Hawaii is rather limited and those that are on the market are at a higher price range.






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