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最近夏威夷有一个楼房 可能要面临被拆除的危机、 原因是屋主没有等楼房执照批准就开工盖房。 这个房子也是目前夏威夷居民称为Monster House 的一種。 屋主目前已經被罰4萬美金的罰金。

屋主急著蓋可能是因為最近類似這樣的房子受到各個社區居民的反對。 如果法令推出屋主可能就無法蓋類似房產。 不過沒有等到建築許可就蓋也是違法的。 現在有人提議屋主需要自費拆除房產。 這個房產建築也是最近很有爭議性的亞洲華人建築師因為很多他的設計都是很多房間的房產。

English Version

Recently there are many buildings in Hawaii being regarded as Monster House by the residents. It is not uncommon to see those in Canada and other states. However Hawaii residents are starting to see many of them being built in their neighborhood. This property in the picture was built without building permit although the owner did submit the permit application. Permit application process is indeed not a fast process in Hawaii nevertheless it does not mean one can just go ahead and build it without the permission and inspection.

The owner is being fined about 40,000 USD for now and the daily fine is just accumulating at this point. Some of the people is proposing that the owner will need to demolish it at his/her own cost.






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