6067 Summer St Unaffected by Recent East Oahu Flash Flooding

Some of you may have heard that both Kauai island and also East Oahu (Aina Haina to Hawaii Kai/ Kailua to Hawaii Kai) area had a record breaking rainfall in one day that occurred on a Friday night April 13th. That night I happened to be driving on the Kalanianaole Highway to get to Waikiki, and I saw the power of nature in person as I drove through the rising water, heavy rainfall, and the gush of water coming down from the mountain. Luckily, I was able to get to Waikiki without any harm. However many cars that came out later that night weren't as lucky. Not to mentioned many houses that were along the Kalanianaole Highway were flooded.

Later it was reported that the thunderstorm was stationary over Hawaii Kai which led to this devastating situation. Niu Valley area recorded 5.57 inches of rain. Many houses along the Kalanianaole HWY were left with debris and mud as water subsided later. Even until today, we still see many damaged furniture on the side of the road waiting to be picked up.

Very fortunately, 6067 Summer St property was unaffected by this flooding situation because it's location is not right next to the Kalanianaole HWY. Even though 6067 Summer St is lagoon fronted, throughout the years of ownership, this property has yet to encountered any flooding issue. 很庆幸的是这个房地产并没有受到淹水的影响。 屋主从以前到现在都没有遇到淹水的情况。






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