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2018-2019 Property Tax Rate in Hawaii Different Counties

When people say Hawaii has the lowest property tax rate in the nation, we should really look at the rates at the different island and counties.

Home exemption claims for Honolulu County real property are due on September 30, 2018 for the upcoming fiscal year, which begins on July 1, 2019.

As many of you are aware, timely filing of a home exemption claim has more consequences than securing an applicable home exemption. A timely claim means eligibility for:

  1. $80,000 home exemption ($120,000 if the senior home exemption applies); and

  2. Taxation at the Residential tax rate, regardless of assessed value.




ITIN 個人納稅識別號碼

什麼是個人納稅識別號碼? 個人納稅識別號碼(ITIN)是一種國稅局核發用於處理稅表的號碼。國稅局核發個人納稅識別號碼的對象,是那些沒有社會安全號碼(SSN)且無法從社會安全局(SSA)取得社會安全號碼、但是需要有美國納稅人身份號碼的人。 個人納稅識別號碼的用途為何? 國稅局核發個人納稅識別號碼給個人,以幫助他們遵從美國稅法的規定,同時也提供一個辦法,使沒有資格獲得社會安全號碼者的稅表和繳納的稅金能



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