Bill 89 on Vacation Rental


Are you renting your home for less than 30 days on Oahu regardless condo or home?

(Picture above is Trump Tower in Waikiki Please see the listing info here)

If so, you will be affected by Bill 89 that was passed on 6/25/2019

Things to remember

1. Short-term rental outside of resort district (Waikiki, Koolina, Turtle Bay Resort) can't do short term rental without a Non-conforming use certificate or NUC in short. NUC totaled 770 and no more was issued after Sept 1990.

If you are renting less than 30 days per tenant, it is considered short term rental. This includes those units with owner or agent resides on the property and those without.

Effective August 1st 2019, if you were to advertise an illegal short term vacation rental online, you will be fined.

If you want you can read the entire Bill 89 here

After October 2020, there will be 1699 permits issued for Bed and Breakfast units outside of the resort zone.

Application will require $1000 initial application fee and renewal is needed yearly by Aug 30th with a $2000 renewal fees. The permit is not transferable.

Furthermore, the permit applicant must be living in the unit with a home exemption.

Fine is up to 1000 usd for 1st time and $5000 each day the violation persists. Fine can be as high as $10,000 per day plus the total revenue that the owner received for the cited illegal activity.

With this in mind, we can see that many hotel condo in Waikiki will be favored by foreign investors that are interested in doing short term rental.

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為大家歸類以及總結需要注意的事情 你是否在瓦胡岛租了你的家的房間不到30天


1.度假区(威基基,Koolina,海龟湾度假村)以外的短期租房不能在没有 合格短租使用证书或简称NUC的情况下进行短期出租。 NUC总计發出了770,并且在1990年9月之后不再发布。 如果您每个租户租用的时间少于30天,则视为短期租赁。 自2019年8月1日起,如果您在网上宣传非法短期度假租赁,您将被罚款。 2020年10月之后,政府將發出1699份短租许可证。 申请将需要1000美元的初始申请费,并且需要在8月30日之前每年续订2000美元的更新费用。许可证不可转让。也就是說賣房後,新房主必須重新申請。 此外,许可证申请人必须居住在單位。 第一次罚款高达1000美元,违规持续每天5000美元。罚款可以高达每天10,000美元加上所有 非法出租的总收入。 可以說是得不償失。 因此我們不難理解威基基的许多酒店公寓将受到有意进行短期出租的外国投资者的青睐。






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