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CDC updates on Covid 19 as of July 14th 2020

In a week leading to July 14th 2020, 50000 new cases were reported nationwide. From the picture below one can tell where are the most affected areas.

In Hawaii, we also see an increase in the number of reported cases recently although not as many as those seen in other states. Many visitors are still coming into Hawaii despite the 14 days quarantine requirement. Hawaii has postponed the plan to reopen Hawaii for tourism that was originally planned for Aug 1st.

If Hawaii is holding up well and control the cases to its minimum, there might be an increase interest for the investors to purchase real estate in Hawaii in the future. The fact that the real estate tax remains one of the lowest in the nation and the mortgage interest rate is at its historic low point, people may want to purchase their homes when it is still in a buyer's market.






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