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**Chinese Mahjong Tile Game table** that you might find interesting:


Current price is pre-order price


The table is designed for those who love playing Chinese Mahjong. It offers several features that enhance the game experience:


1. **Automatic Shuffling**: The table saves you the time and effort of shuffling the tiles for each round. It does so quietly, ensuring you don't disturb people around you or your neighbors. The upgraded tile rising style eliminates the need to push the tiles forward each time (an improvement from the previous version


2. **Foldable Design**: When not in use, the table can be folded, saving space. Alternatively, you can use it as a regular dining table by simply putting up the white cover(optional, may add to your purchase pls contact us to make sure)  . Multiple usages for a price of one table


3. **Additional Features**:

- **Cupholder**: Keep your drink handy while playing.

- **USB Charging**: Charge your devices conveniently.

- **Ashtray**: For those who enjoy smoking during the game.

- **Chip Holder**: Organize your Mahjong chips.


4. **Special MJ Tiles Included**: The table comes with two sets of special Mahjong tiles for play. Blue and Green Set  (MJ Tiles are special magnetic tiles not regular tiles)


This table combines practicality with functionality, making it an excellent choice for Mahjong enthusiasts! 🀄🎲.


It is a presale only- Last time all were sold before products even arrived.  


Sign up to reserve one before they are gone again. Presale item- message for more details if interested Take the reservation order.


Arrange your own pickup.

Assembly required - if you need help with assembly, we will ask the pro to do it and it is $60 more. (recommended) (assembly instruction is not in English)


If you need the optional cover for the table it is additional 75 USD.

Brand New Mahjong Table-Automatic Shuffling and Arrangement New Style- Pearl Whi

$1,995.00 通常価格
Shipment takes up to 45-60 days depend on the shipment schedule Deposit $200 is required and need to sign agreement
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